Bomber Fox


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December 19, 2019
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Furry Features

Furry Relevance
Play as a Fox in a bomberman-like game.

Bomber Fox is an action, sci-fi-themed game of the new generation, with an emphasis put into the dynamic gameplay, diverse level design, and innovative game modes.
Play as Fox - the space cyborg, who has to win the grand robot-fighting tournament, to be granted a chance to go back home!
Tackle enemy hordes in challenging battles - alone or with a friend, or try the VS mode for up to 4 players!


Teach Those Robots A Lesson!

Armed in laser bombs, face the swarm of enemies! You're just one, but for the planet's inhabitants who saved you, you're the last hope.

  • Complete the story mode alone or with a friend and tackle 60 demanding levels in classic campaign and 25 crazy levels in sub campaigns.
  • Test your skills in 5 different game modes, unlocked along with the story mode progression.
  • Challange your friends on 20 unique maps in a VS mode (up to 4 players).

Discover New Game Modes

Bored of the mindless slaughter? Bomber Fox is so much more! Try the unique Game Modes:

  • Survival Mode: repel the enemy hordes and dodge bombs falling from the sky.
  • Exit Mode: swiftly evade enemy robots and find the perfect way to reach your goal.
  • Collect Mode: locate all the trophies on the map.
  • Boss Mode: face the mighty bosses with diverse fight scenarios.
  • Elimination Mode: do it the classic way and destroy every single enemy.

Maps Like You've Never Seen Before

With brand new blocks and opponents, gameplay will give you an unforgettable experience.

  • Discover new blocks: some of them are particularly durable, some explode making a chain reaction, and others will be useful to open passageways and for crashing enemies.
  • Defeat enemy robots but be aware, they can fly over obstacles, shoot lasers, temporarily accelerate, and even create new units.
  • Do it all with style: choose between 18 different in-game skins for your character.

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