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March 24, 2021
Max Players

Furry Features

Furry Relevance
All of the main characters are cute little bats with different abilities. The bats are designed in a very kemono style but are all mapped to a real existing species of bats, even if the designs often only vaguely resemble the bat in question.

Hina, Bat mom, Usagi

In the dark and dangerous world of the night, all you can rely on is your voice and your ears! Let's go on an exciting night hunt with the little bats! In the game you play as a variety of bats that you unlock through playing the game and all play a bit different. The game has an echolocation mechanic that lights up bugs so that you can find and eat them and also play a role in getting a higher score at the end. There is also a dashing mechanic that allows some of the bats to dash forward to avoid the owl or the cat that are the main enemy in the two main stages. The has been updated since release and is still occasionally updated.

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