Solatorobo: Red The Hunter


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October 28, 2010
Max Players

Furry Features

Furry Relevance
The main character is a dog and the world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
Waffle Ryebread, Panta, Alicia Priss, Red Savarin, Elh Melizée, Chocolat Gelato, Béluga Damiens, Opéra Kranz,

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter, also known as Solatorobo -And Then To CODA-, is a 3D Action RPG game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandai. It is the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto and considered the third of the Little Tail Bronx series. It was released on the Nintendo DS on October 28, 2010 in Japan

It was announced that the game will see release in the PAL region on July 1, 2011. Nintendo will handle distributing the game in Europe and Oceania, while XSeed will handle NA distribution.



Solatorobo's gameplay focuses on using Red Savarin and his mech for movement and combat situations. Using DAHAK, Red rides it while using it to throw crates, repel missiles and slams enemies into the ground. Players needs to use the A button before they can get into a throwing chain combo. Red can also step out of his mech to pull down switches, swim and attack enemies using his sword.

Red also has special ability that he can use called "Trans Up". This ability transforms Red from his Dog race form into his human form, while increasing his attack, speed and defense capabilities. He also can use this ability while riding DAHAK, transforming into its human-like shape and acts as Red's armor. In this form, Red also gains access to special movies also.

Hiroshi Matsuyama recently stated that some characters from both Tail Concerto and Mamorukun series will appear in the game as guest characters and the game has a total of 80 quests.



Solatorobo is set on the floating islands of Shepherd Republic where two races of people, one resembling cats and one resembling dogs live. The floating islands is above a sea of Plasma and French is their native language. The inhabitants of the islands develop and employ specialized robots to do their everyday jobs. Red Savarin, one of the dog people, is requested to obtain an important file that has been stolen and boards the large Hindenburg air ship, deep within which he finds a mysterious medallion-shaped item. A giant creature called Laress appears suddenly beside the ship and sends it into flames. As Red makes his escape, he runs into Elh Melizee, a mysterious cat person. Soon, he and Elh travels all across the Shepherd Republic along with his younger sister Chocolat Gelato, uncovering the mysteries under the medal he suddenly obtained and discover the secret behind Elh's hidden past

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