Relic Hunters Legend


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September 25, 2023
Max Players

Furry Features

Furry Relevance
Ace is a playable donkey anthro. Panzer wears body costumes of animals.
Ace, Panzer

Relic Hunters Legend is an online looter-shooter Action RPG featuring fast-paced gameplay, powerful equipment and weapons, and a fun pack rowdy Rebels with different skills and abilities you can finely tune to match your playstyle. Dive into an epic adventure with the Relic Hunters to recover lost memories, stolen relics, and to “Duck, Duck, Loot” some evil space ducks!

Choose from several Hunters with unique abilities, upgrade your equipment, and customize skills to perfect your Relic-Hunting machine! Relic Hunters Legend is an exciting looter-shooter RPG where you can customize each Hunter to fit your playstyle. Enjoy theory-crafting and tons of stats that will satisfy the most hardcore players!

Online co-operative play for up to four players! Blast off on an epic solo adventure as Seven – a mysterious time traveler trying to regain their lost memories – to unlock additional playable characters to help you bring down the nefarious Duke Ducan!

· PINKYY: The Fearless Leader of the Relic Hunters
· JIMMY: The Crackshot Rebel
· ACE: The Rogue Donkey and pilot of the Spaceheart
· RAFF: The Party Engineer
· ...with more to come!

Play with up to 4 players in a party or lend a hand to other Rebels looking for help and make some new friends in this exciting and fun-filled galactic adventure! 

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