ALL the Furry & Animal Games In Steam's Next Fest June 2024

HOOOO BOY do we have a long list for all you readers out there! Don't feel like going through 1800+ games to see which ones had furries, animals, creatures, and other wonderfully fluffy, feathery, scaly, or otherwise exciting anthropomorphic qualities? Well, our wonderful staff member Valraven did! She's compiled an absolutely CRAZY list of all the games we could find that had an ounce of furry in em, or some sort of animal focus. We'll continue to look through the games and see if any slipped through, but even so, this is a big list of games that feature some potentially awesome games in them. Steam links and the image for them provided for easy access!

We'll be playing some of these demos this week and next, and hopefully providing some previews, reviews, and developer interviews as many of these games progress through development! Additionally, we have an actively updated Furry & Animal Games List  over at @GamingFurever that you can follow and get constant updates for lots of indie titles with TONS of lovely furry characters!

Anyways, without further ado, the LIST:

List of Furry/Animal Games Featured in Steam's Next Fest 2024: June Edition:

Game Name Steam Image Release Date
About A Mouse     Coming Soon
Adventures of Ruby Rabbit     September 2024 
Aloft      Q3 2024
Amber Isle      Coming Soon
Ancings: The First Tournament      2024
Animal Shelter 2      2024
Ant Keeping Simulator      July 30, 2024
Apacies: Creatures of the Old West      2024
Arcana Dimension      2025
Arcane Blast      Q3 2024
ASURAJANG      Coming Soon
Bahamut and the Waqwaq Tree      Coming Soon
Bearnard      August 12, 2024
Beef Cat Ultra      September 2024
Beetle Ninja      June 28, 2024
Beyond Galaxyland      Coming Soon
Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus      July 17, 2024
Bravest Chicken      2024
BreadAttack      Coming Soon
CapitalismCraft      July 26, 2024
Cardboard Fish      September 11, 2024
Cardian      Coming Soon
Cat & Rat      Q3 2024
Cat God Ranch      2024
Cat Quest III      August 8, 2024
Catamyst      August 19, 2024
Catffee Time!      Coming Soon
CATO      2024
Cats and Seek: Kyoto      June 17, 2024
Cats Around Us: Giant Cat      2024
Cats Kill Zombies      Coming Soon
Cats on Broombas      TBA
Chromahertz      TBA
Circus Elephant      2024
Claws & Chaos      2024
Crab Attack      2024
Crab God      June 20, 2024
Creatures of Ava      2024
Critter Cove      Q3 2024
Demon's Mirror      Coming Soon
Die in the Dungeon      Q3 2024
Dragon Hop     Q3 2024 
Dungeon Clawler      Q3 2024
eWorlds      Q4 2024
Fading Skies      TBA
Fantastic Haven      Q3 2024
Farm Debt Repay Life      Coming Soon
Feline Fortress      Q3 2024
Fera: The Sundered Tribes      Coming Soon
Fishtox      July 2024
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn      July 18, 2024
Fowl Damage      September 13, 2024
FREERIDE      Q1 2025
Galaxy Burger      August 23, 2024
Garden Witch Life      Q4 2024
Get More Fries!      2024
Gob      Coming Soon
Goblin Cleanup      TBA
Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines      August 15, 2024
Guardians of the Sanctree      2024
HANGRY      Coming Soon
Hogvalord: The Ranch      Coming Soon
Honeycomb: The World Beyond      Q4 2024
I'll be Brave, Tomorrow      September 2024
Isekai Frontier      June 17, 2024
Isle of Swaps      Coming Soon
JARPUG      Coming Soon
Just Crow Things      TBA
Kemono Heroes      Q3 2024
Kiopioke!      July 18, 2024
Kitiplant      June 21, 2024
Kitsune Tails      August 1, 2024
Kitten's Wardrobe      July 15, 2024
Kitty's Last Adventure      Coming Soon
Little Fish Swims On      Q2 2024
Loop Frogs      Coming Soon
Love, Ghostie      Q3 2024
Lunars      TBA
Mad World Survivors      July 2, 2024
Magic Card: CZ12      Coming Soon
Mango 64      July 2024
Meowsterpiece Museum      Coming Soon
Monke Simulator      2024
Museum No.9      2024
My Lovely Empress      Coming Soon
Neko Odyssey      2024
Nekokami - The Human Restoration Project      June 25, 2024
NEODUEL: Backpack Monsters      Q3 2024
Night Stones      Q3 2024
On Your Tail      2024
Only Way is Down      2024
OutRage: Fight Fest      Coming Soon
Ova Magica      July 23, 2024
Pancake Patrol      Q3 2024
Pandarunium      June 20, 2024
Pipistrello and the Cursed Yoyo      Coming Soon
PizzaPanic      2024
Prickle      2024
Prune & Milo      July 11, 2024
Purrfect Survivors      Q3 2024
Push The Cat with WASD      June 18, 2024
Recoil Cluck      Q3 2024
REKA      August 2024
Rogue Sky      2024
Sally      Q4 2025
Sea of Radiation      June 19, 2024
Seafrog      Coming Soon
Selfloss      Coming Soon
Shark Siege      Coming Soon
SherloCAT Holmes Nonogram      October 24, 2024
Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate      2024
Slayaway Camp 2      TBA
Sling-A-Thing      Q3 2024
Soulkin      2024
Spill the Beans      TBA
Stardust Demon      2024
Stars in The Trash      TBA
Strange Ocean      Q3 2024
Swamp Up      June 18, 2024
Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter      Coming Soon
Tavern Talk      June 20, 2024
Techno Banter      Q3 2024
The Dragonhood      July 2024
The Farmer & the Chicken      Coming Soon
The Last Bug      2024
The Rise      August 2024
The Sacred Acorn      July 16, 2024
The World of Nifty Craft      Coming Soon
Time Is Honey      July 31, 2024
Tiny Aquarium: Social Fishkeeping      Coming Soon
Ultimate Monkey Race      Q3 2024
Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop   November 2024
Undergod      Coming Soon
Union of Gnomes      TBA
Untamed      Coming Soon
Virtual Love Secrets      Coming Soon
Warlords of the Deck      June 2024
WebCraft      Q4 2024
Weyrdlets      July 23, 2024
where is my cat      Q3 2024
Wizard Shrimp      December 2024
Yaoling: Mythical Journey      July 2024
Zodiac Revenger      Coming Soon
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