Trying EVERY Furry Game Demo in the Steam Deckbuilders Fest 2024

I went through the ENTIRE Steam Deckbuilding Fest list of games that had demos available and grabbed em all! I played them on stream at and I've listed them all here below! There are some gems in here and I'm looking forward to playing them when they release!


Link to Full livestream of all games

Games With Demos:

Game: Tracks of Thought

Description:  Welcome aboard! A bad case of forgetfulness plagues the passengers - embark on a journey of self-discovery shaped by your own personality. As a lost ladybug, talk to everyone on board and uncover the train’s secret destination in a wholesome, card-based, talk-'em-up RPG! 

Quick Opinion: Creative dialogue that leads to rewarding argument battles.

Steam Page: 



Game: Wild City

Description: The deckbuilder where cards are plants, animals, and insects that can synergize and prey on each other. Place your cards on an expanding board to trigger satisfying chain reactions and shape an interconnected ecosystem.

Quick Opinion: Lots of intriguing citizen combos and a quick building system. 

Steam Page:



Game: Wild Country

Description:  Wild Country is a cozy-competitive card game with city-building elements! Collect cards, construct buildings, explore Big Sky, and challenge friends in this one of a kind strategy game.

Quick Opinion: Easy to pick up gameplay that combines good tile graphics and lots of cosmetics and skins.

Steam Page:



Game: Bearnard

Description: Collect cards and use them in tactical turn-based battles across various biomes. Master the physics to defeat enemies, and solve environmental puzzles. Join Bearnard on his quest! 

Quick Opinion: Cool combination of platforming and gameplay with card & coin collection.

Steam Page:



Game: Dungeon Clawler

Description:  Dungeon Clawler is a Roguelike Claw Machine Deckbuilder. Build your unique deck, fight enemies by grabbing weapons and items from a claw machine and find special artifacts that help you on your quest to reclaim something you lost... Aim carefully to claw your way through this dungeon! 

Quick Opinion: Fun use of the claw mechanic throughout gameplay, and neat level design for the machine.

Steam Page: 



Game: Genkai: Primal Awakening

Description: Combine tactics and strategy in this roguelike deckbuilder, where you must build your deck, train and evolve your team. Step into a mystical world where the Genkai battle in a quest for power and harmony, and prepare for the imminent arrival of the Primal Genkai. 

Quick Opinion: A lot going on with this one! Includes evolution, which is a neat touch.

Steam Page: 



Game: Guardian Tactics

Description:  Command a squad of guardians in a thrilling deckbuilding, roguelike card battle to save the world from an Android army invasion. Fight, fall, learn, rise again! 

Quick Opinion: Pretty interesting use of a left and right battlefield, with cute monsters and androids!

Steam Page:


 Isle_of_Swaps.jpgGame: Isle of Swaps

Description:  Grab your cards, it's time to swap! Battle your school pals in this roguelite deckbuilder where you'll trade for new cards when you win defeat them and rip open booster packs looking for rare cards. Conquer everyones dungeon decks to become Critter Champion of the Playground! 

Quick Opinion: Super nostalgic use of a card collecting binder and construction paper-esque design.

Steam Page:



Game: Kaiju Catastrophe

Description:  Crush, smash, and eat thousands of enemies showing humanity what the meaning of destruction is! Kaiju Catastrophe is an arcade game with roguelite mechanics. Mutate devastating weapons, unlock permanent evolutions, and wreak havoc with a variety of monsters to tear humanity apart!

Quick Opinion: Couldn't get it to run with my desktop settings! Looks like a neat idea!

Steam Page:


 KreatureKind.jpgGame: KreatureKind

Description:  Debate monsters, recruit friends, and start a movement! In this wholesome and approachable card battler/deck builder, you use the debate skills in your card decks to convince opponents to join your cause. Balance your team and your decks carefully - or you won't be able to save magic!

Quick Opinion: Unique character designs and "just complicated enough" battle mechanics.

Steam Page:



Game: Mutant Karate Canary

Description:  MKC blends 80s and 90s Saturday morning TV show characters with deck-building and turn-based 2d tactics in a classic 1vs1 fight game setting. Play your cards, use your action points efficiently and position your fighter to overcome the odds and defeat your opponent.

Quick Opinion: Absolutely my fave. Awesome 2D & 3D vibe with a neat fighting game hybrid playstyle.

Steam Page:



Game: Nif Nif

Description:  Get ready for a gooey good time in this roguelike deckbuilding adventure with Nif Nif, the piglet who's saving the forest one sparkly animal at a time!

Quick Opinion: A fun, more family-friendly introduction to deckbuilding games.

Steam Page:



Game: Northwind

Description: Northwind is a rogue-lite deckbuilder monster-hunting game. Hunt monsters, gather resources, and explore card smelting in Northwind Town. Discover new monsters and unlock town upgrades as you increase your hazard level.

Quick Opinion: Really rewarding gameplay tactics with detailed art and easy-to-play, hard-to-master mechanics.

Steam Page:



Game: South Pole Bebop

Description: A turn-based strategy multiplayer and singleplayer game. Create a unique deck of cards to utilize your distinct powers, beat zombies and foes, and defend bases. Complete quests, a battle pass, and unlock new cards. Inspired by Into The Breach. Become a savior of The South Pole!

Quick Opinion: Hard and without much in the way of explanation. But it did have arctic animals!

Steam Page:



Game: Spellcats

Description:  Summon elemental kitties in this roguelike card game! You are the only free feline in a world dominated by humans, navigate through mysterious dungeons, build card combos, and free your kind The future of your species rests in your paws!

Quick Opinion: A bit too "auto-battle" for my tastes, but the art of nekos more than made up for it.

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Games Without Demos:

Keep the Heroes Out
Princess Hunter
The Spirit Lift
Toads of the Bayou
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