Summer Fest 2024 - Wholesome Furry Fun!

Summer Fest has rolled around and with it, a number of reveals, announcements and so much more. In particular what got my attention was the Wholesome Direct, which showcased a lot of cute and cozy games, most of which are upcoming and have demos already out. Some of these are even headed to multiple systems. Check out some of the more notable titles below.

Games of Furry interest:

  • Mythmatch - A Greek inspired puzzle game where you play as Artemis and collect things like little animals. Demo available on steam
  • Rooster - A casual puzzle solver inspired by the Chinese Zodiac
  • Into The Emberlands - Venture into the Emberlands and find lost villagers with a magical lantern. Demo available on steam and also early access starting on June 19th
  • Squeakross - An adorable picross game where you solve the puzzles to collect furniture for your ultra cute mouse home. Coming in 2025
  • Critter Cafe - Save critters and invite them into your cafe! 
  • Crab God - Guide your family of crabs in this undersea strategy game. Demo currently available on steam and full release on June 20
  • Fruitbus - Own and customize your own food truck and serve the locals. Features Anthropomorphic characters and has a demo available on steam. Coming in October 2024 
  • Kamaeru, A Frog Refuge - Foster a sanctuary for frogs in this farming sim. Released on June 8th and is available on steam for the sale price of $17.99 and on Switch for $19.99
  • Lost and Found Co. - Find missing objects in this adventure game alongside an adorable dragon. Demo currently available on steam
  • Minami Lane - Build your own street in this cozy sim alongside adorable tanuki. Available on Steam for $4.99 and coming soon to Nintendo Switch
  • Moonstone Island - Travel across the land and collect sprites in this cardbattler creature collector hybrid! Available on Steam for $19.99 and coming to Nintendo Switch on June 19th
  • On Your Tail - Embark on a seaside getaway filled with fun activities and sleuthing! Demo available on Steam and also coming to Nintendo Switch!
  • SOPA: Tale of the Stolen Potato - Embark on a journey after being asked to retrieve a potato by grandma. Coming in August! 
  • Tracks of Thought - Take a unique train ride as a ladybug in this card based adventure! Long time viewers may remember Daxel playing this one as part of the Deckbuilders Fest earlier this year. Available on Steam for the sale price of $15.99
  • Tukoni: Forest Keepers - Play as a forest spirit in this cozy puzzle game. Coming in 2025
  • Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Cafe - A cozy decoration and rhythm game with animal friends
  • Hermit and Pig - Embark on a fun turn-based rpg adventure about a reclusive hermit and his pig! 
  • Letter Bunny - Deliver mail across an island as an adorable bunny! 
  • Boreas - Travel the seas and set up trade routes in this lovely voyage sim
  • Ringo’s Roundup - Solve grid based puzzles as bunny with a car! Also coming to Nintendo Switch
  • Kitsune Tails - Dash, jump and run through this Mario inspired platformed based on Japanese mythology. Demo available on Steam!
  • Pup Champs - A delightful game about a football team of dogs! Demo available on Steam
  • Catto’s Post Office - Deliver mail as Catto the postcat
  • Katsil - Build a settlement for cats! 
  • Hirocato the Delivery Hero - Play a cat and parkour your way across platforming sections. Demo currently available on Steam
  • Hello Again - Set on an island with ancient ruins, solve the mystery of the time loop in this puzzler adventure. Coming in 2025! 

And so, so much more! Lots of games both furry and not really furry in this showcase. Be sure to check out the Wholesome Games website for the full list of games featured.  Did you have a favorite from this direct or the Summer Games Fest as a whole? Let us know! 

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